About GBTA India 

GBTA India is the leading organisation for corporate travel professionals in India and is part of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the world's premier business travel and corporate meetings organisation.  GBTA India is part of GBTA's wider Asia Pacific activities, alongside GBTA Asia (which covers all other countries in Asia) and GBTA AUS/NZ.


Through participation in the global forum of travel management, GBTA India shares new ideas with other GBTA regions on six continents, and over 30 countries around the world.


Collectively, GBTA’s 6,000-plus members manage over $350 billion of global business travel and meetings expenditures annually. GBTA provides its network of 25,000 business and government travel and meetings managers, as well as travel service providers, with networking events, news, education & professional development, research, and advocacy.


What We Do

GBTA India aims to:


  • provide the best possible support, information and opportunities to enable members to achieve best practice in managing their travel spend effectively and to maximise their contribution to the profitability of their organisation;
  • promote awareness that efficient and effective travel management not only needs good planning and negotiating skills but also a keen knowledge of current trends and products available in the inter-related sectors of air, ground transportation and hotel accommodation;
  • consult with government departments; educational establishments; the travel trade and with business organisations in all sectors;
  • encourage dialogue and open debate between all parties involved in the supply and purchase of business travel services. We also provide members with meaningful and effective networking opportunities;
  • commission local research into crucial topical matters, liaising closely with leading academic institutions;
  • contribute to consultative groups involving many of the major airlines, hotel groups and ground transport providers; and
  • establish and maintain a position as the leading professional body for business travel management in India by promoting best practice and a professional code of ethics.