Notification of Results


Candidates are notified, in writing, of individual examination results within eight weeks of the test administration. For security reasons, results will not be given over the phone or sent by fax or email. Please email if you have a experienced a change of address or name since the examination administration.


Pass/Fail Score Determination


The pass point is determined by a nationally accepted methodology using a panel of subject matter experts and an independent third party organization.


Subject matters experts independently rate each item on the exam based upon item difficulty.


After the examinations are administered, an item analysis is produced and performance statistics for each item is review prior to scoring.


Candidates will receive an overall score which is calculated using a percentage of correct answers.


The minimum score of 64 out of 100 is required to pass the GTP® exam.


Candidates will also receive a score breakdown by content area that can be used to assess strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas.




Candidates who feel their examination score is in error may appeal their score. Candidates must send their appeal in writing to GBTA within 10 business days after receiving their results. Appeals are to be sent to or to 123 North Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 USA. Candidates should include their name and ID number. The appeal will be submitted to the Certification Governance Board (CGB) for review.




In the event that a candidate fails the examination and wants to retest, the candidate must reapply to a new test administration and submit associated testing fees.


Attainment of Certification


If an eligible candidate passes the GTP® examination and accepts the GTP Code of Professional Conduct, they will become GTP Certified and receive official documentation from the GBTA Academy.


An individual who has been granted the GTP Certification may list the certification on stationery, websites, business cards, and other promotional materials as:


  1. John Doe, Global Travel Professional®
  2. John Doe, GTP


Should the certificate be suspended or withdrawn for any reason, the individual must immediately cease the use of the certification designation and acronym on stationery, websites, business cards, and any and all promotional materials.


Code of Professional Conduct


GBTA sets forth a Code of Professional Conduct to guide GTP® Certification holders.


GTP Certificants shall:


  1. Perform their duties with objectivity, due diligence, and professionalism.
  2. Serve the interest of all stakeholders in a lawful manner, while maintaining high standards of ethics, integrity, and character.
  3. Inform appropriate parties of the results of work performed; revealing all significant facts known to them.
  4. Provide truthful and accurate representations to the public in advertising, public statements, and other representations, and in the preparation of estimates concerning, costs, services, and expected results.
  5. Conflict of interest: disclose circumstances that may be considered or perceived to interfere with or alter your ability to make objective business decisions or circumstances that suggest any appearance of impropriety.
  6. Avoid conduct that could cause a conflict of interest with client, employer, employee, or the public.
  7. Provide accurate, complete, and truthful representations concerning all certification and recertification information.


Failure to comply with the Code of Code of Professional Conduct could result in an investigation of conduct and, ultimately, disciplinary measures that may include loss of certification.

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