The Day of The Test

The name you use to register for the exam must be IDENTICAL to the name that appears on the photo identification you present on the day of the test. If the name you used when registering for the exam does not match the name on your ID, you will be considered ineligible to take the exam. Contact the Certification Department immediately if you believe that you provided a name other than that on your photo ID.  


Testing Policies


Before you take the examination, you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. If you do not sign and agree to the terms below, you may be dismissed from the testing room or your examination results may be invalidated.


“ Due to the confidential nature of this test, I agree that I will not copy or retain test questions or transmit them in any form to any other person or organization.”


Prior to taking the examination, candidates will be asked to complete a short survey.


The following are the rules enforced at test administrations:


  • You will receive a confirmation email no later than one week prior to the examination detailing your registration. You must be properly registered, listed on the test site roster, and present a valid government issued photo identification (e.g., driver’s license or passport) with candidate’s name on it in order to be allowed to take the paper and pencil examination.
  • Candidates are required to bring to the test administration: a copy of the authorization to test email and a valid government issued photo identification (e.g., driver license or passport). The names on both identification and authorization to test email must match. If they do not have the proper identification, candidates should contact the Certification Department prior to the test date to determine alternative documents.
  • Candidates are required to bring several #2 pencils for in-person examinnations.
  • You should arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the examination to allow sufficient time for you to check in and locate your seat. Candidates arriving more than 15 minutes after the examination has begun will not be admitted.
  • Note that talking is prohibited during the test.
  • No reference material, books, papers, or personal items (purses, briefcases, coats, etc.) are allowed in the testing room.
  • No electronic devices are permitted in the testing room, including telephones, signaling devices such as pagers and alarms, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other hand-held computers.
  • You may bring earplugs into the testing room.
  • No weapons or instruments that could reasonably be used as weapons may be brought into the examination room.
  • No test materials or documents of any sort are to be taken from the examination room.
  • Proctors are authorized to maintain secure and proper test administration procedures, including relocation of candidates.
  • No questions concerning the content of the examination may be asked during the testing session.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the testing room. Tobacco products and gum may not be used during the examination.
  • Breaks are not scheduled during the examination. Candidates are permitted breaks on an individual basis, but no additional time is given to candidates who take breaks.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to talk during individual breaks. Those who do will forfeit all fees, be denied re-admittance to the testing room, and will not have their examinations scored.
  • Candidates may not copy in writing or otherwise record or transmit to others any examination questions and/or answers or other aspects of the nature or content of the examination.
  • Candidates may not offer to assist or solicit assistance from other candidates, examiners, or those responsible for the administration of the examination.
  • Unauthorized visitors will not be allowed at the test site. Observers approved by GBTA may, however, be present during the testing session.


Any candidate observed engaging in any misconduct will be subject to dismissal from the examination, may be barred from future examinations for a period ranging from one year to permanent dismissal, and may be required to forfeit his/her current examination fee and/or period of eligibility.


Inclement Weather

If any candidate is unable to arrive at a designated examination site because of inclement weather, terrorist acts, a natural disaster, or other unforeseen emergencies beyond control of the candidate as determined by the GBTA Academy, the candidate will be allowed to take the examination during the next test administration without being charged a re-examination fee. If for any reason the examination is unable to be administered, it will be rescheduled within a reasonable period of time and candidates may take the examination during the next administration without being charged a re-examination fee.


Examination Irregularities

Any problems, suspected instances of cheating, alleged inappropriate examination administration, environmental testing conditions severe enough to cause disruption of the process, or other irregularities related to test administration should be addressed with the onsite proctor or to staff. All such matters will be reported, investigated, and subject to further action based upon policies and procedures adopted by the GBTA Academy.



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