Exam Overview & Background   

Validity & Reliability of the Exam

The GTP® Certification examination is designed to meet testing industry standards for validity and reliability.

  • Validity is the degree to which the content of the examination reflects the knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of a business travel professional.

  • Reliability is the accuracy of the examination results; that is, the test and results are delivered in a consistent manner.


Certification Governance Board

The Certification Governance Board (CGB) is an independent board that oversees the development and administration of the GTP® Certification. The purpose of the CGB is to administer a valid, reliable, defensible, and psychometrically sound examination. The CGB monitors and revises policies, procedures, and materials related to the GTP Certification.


General Information about the Development of the GTP® Examination

GBTA performs continuous job analyses to ensure certification testing reflects the most current demands of professional practice. The development of the examination follows internationally recognized and accepted procedures for content, validity, and reliability of scores.


Business travel professionals from across the globe are surveyed to evaluate the level of knowledge, skills, and expertise expected within the industry. Subject matter experts then develop the examination questions based on the results of this job survey. To assist in this process, the GBTA Academy has partnered with Professional Examination Service, a highly regarded professional testing service organization that assists in maintaining and enhancing the

GTP Certification.

About Professional Testing Corporation (PTC)

PTC is an organization whose services are focused on the measurement aspects of human resources, including the design, development, and administration of tests and testing programs for professional organizations. PTC's services to professional organizations include test development, candidate application and fee processing, scheduling, testing center arrangements, test administration and scoring, secure client portals, and data analysis and reporting. Services also include data bank retention and retrieval systems, survey and questionnaire studies, board management, job analyses, self-assessment, and psychometric research in areas of interest to PTC clients.


Statement of Non-Discrimination

The GBTA Academy endorses the principles of equal opportunity. Eligibility criteria for the examination and certification as a Global Travel Professional are applied equally to all individuals regardless of age, race, religion, gender, national origin, veteran status, and/or disability.

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