GBTA BTI H2 Outlook - Western Europe

 Tuesday, December 2nd

 9:00am EST 

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Ken McGill, Managing Director, Rockport Analytics

Catherine McGavock, Regional Director - EMEA, GBTA


How is the economy affecting business travel? Join the GBTA Foundation’s, Catherine McGavock, Regional Director - EMEA, GBTA, and Rockport Analytics’ Managing Director, Ken McGill, as they present the GBTA Business Travel Outlook – Western Europe. In addition to hearing the annual forecast for business travel spend in various countries in Western Europe, take a deep dive into the quarterly business travel forecast for one of the fastest growing economies in the world…Western Europe!


The GBTA Business Travel Outlook – Western Europe, sponsored by Visa, details current economic conditions in Western Europe and the outlook for business travel spending over the next two years through the proprietary GBTA BTI™, an index of business travel spending.  If you want to  know what will happen with business travel over the coming years in Western Europe, don't miss this exclusive.



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