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GBTA Academy

The GBTA Academy provides a personalized and customizable learning path that offers professionals of all experience levels a continuing education.  The Academy offers three education levels:


Associate:  (Registration now open)

Manager:  (Registration now open)

Leader:  (Registration now open)


The Academy will debut the Global Travel Professional ™  (GTP) certification program  in 2012.  The GTP will be  the industry’s only accredited certification.  It will establish and evaluate core competencies by administering an examination based on work experience, industry knowledge and skills, and continuing education.


Ensure your competitive edge in the travel industry with up-to-date knowledge of best practices most critical to your business – from travel trend analysis and risk mitigation to technology tools and financial management. 


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 GBTA Academy Placement Chart


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GBTA Webinars

GBTA offers webinars featuring live interactive forums with respected industry leaders on a wide spectrum of specific business travel industry topics. Webinars are archived in the GBTA Hub so you can conveniently view them on-demand at a later time.


GBTA members have free access to all webinars.  Not a member yet?  See how a GBTA membership can benefit you and your organization.


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