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University of Virginia


In partnership with the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, the Academy’s GLP Program is the only masters-level course for travel professionals. The strategic curriculum uses an interdisciplinary approach that addresses both the opportunities and challenges of conducting business in today’s environment.

The Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Program offers a wide range of benefits to participants and their organizations.

  • Join a network of peers from around the world
  • Understand Advanced Business Principles
  • Interact with top-ranked Darden Faculty
  • Apply learning to real-world business challenges
  • Develop a team approach
  • Earn recognition for your achievement


The Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Program consists of individual courses, the Certificate of Professional Development as well as the Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation.

Individual GLP Courses (View the list)

Individual GLP Courses are designed to address one of the four primary competencies of business travel for mid to senior-level industry professionals to expand their knowledge and stay current with the latest trends in the industry. The following four main competencies are:


Individuals are not required to enroll in the complete program and are welcome to attend any course that are offered.

Certificate of Professional Development

The Certificate of Professional Development is obtained by successfully completing four courses within twenty-four months(24), including one courses in each of the following four main competencies:


Successful completion of The Certificate of Professional Development is a prerequisite for the Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation.

Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Designation

The Global Leadership Professional® Designation consists of several components, beginning with a on-site courses with Darden Professors. During this courses, work groups will be formed and industry related projects will be assigned. Over the following 9 months participants will receive additional instruction from the professors via three web-based virtual classrooms, as well as working independently and within their groups via email and conference calls. There will be a final on-site courses during which the participants will finalize their projects and presentations for delivery to their industry peers at the GBTA Convention.


"During the GLP Program I learned how to efficiently handle difficult situations of the highest alert, to build up a team within a company to cater to and handle crisis or near crisis situations. Since the Wharton course I have restructured the company’s organizational chart, changed top manager responsibilities and KPI. As a result it has helped me to focus more on strategic issues, company PR and development projects. We also started an educational program focused on high and middle class managers’ leadership skills development."

Roman Gorokhov
Managing Partner, Director
Nicko Travel Group, Moscow, Russia

"The GLP is an amazing program. It is dubbed a "mini MBA" for very good reason. With the knowledge I gained, I am now very comfortable speaking with my CFO, COO and CEO using terms and concepts familiar to them. Prior to going through the program, this was not always an easy task. I find that I refer to the many discussions we had on a regular basis and I am a better business person because of this program."

Lynn C Brunner, CTC
GLP Designation Recipient
Director, Travel & Meetings
HCA Healthcare
Spanish Portuguese French