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Legislative Summit 2017 
April 24-26 | Washington, DC

Brought to you by GBTA Government Relations


It is once again time to make your voice heard for the business travel industry. The annual GBTA Legislative Summit brings together passionate professionals who want to advocate for the future of the business travel industry. This event presents attendees with the unique opportunity to: GBTA Legislative Summit 2015 | Sen. Amy Klobuchar (MN)


  • Meet one-on-one with their Senators and Representative to share opinions and advocate for policies that support the business travel industry
  • Learn about Congressional debates and outcomes that will impact the business travel industry
  • Hear perspectives from Administration Officials and Members of Congress
  • Connect with other industry professionals who want to make a difference



GBTA Legislative Summit 2016 






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Importance of Advocacy

Have your voice heard. GBTA advocates for the travel industry every day but we can’t do it on our own; these issues have impacts on a global scale as well as a local level and its the impact of you a constituent that will help us win these debates. Come to be educated, but also to educate lawmakers on the issues that impact our industry April 24-26 in Washington D.C. at GBTA Legislative Summit 2017.







GBTA Legislative Summit 2016