Hotel Committee Application

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Industry Experience

1) Are you a current member of GBTA? 

2) Please describe your company's business:

3) What are your travel responsibilities in your company?

4) What is your role in Hotel Sourcing/Hotel program Management within your company

5) Describe key hotel-related projects you have worked on within the last 2 years:

6) Do you current use the GBTA Modular Hotel RFP for your hotel negotiations?

7) How many years have you been in the travel industry?

8) Would you be able to attend a minimum of 4 off-site meetings per year, GBTA's annual convention, and as-needed conference calls?

The Hotel Committee

Travel costs are the responsibility of the individual committee members. On-site meetings are usually 1-1/2 to 2 days in length. Meeting locations and times are chosen to minimize cost if possible.

On-site Meetings 4 Annual (hosted by various committee members) We try to schedule one East Coast, one West Coast, and two Central meetings for the convenience of all of the committee members
Conference Calls As needed Scheduled as needed to facilitate task delegation and communication
Convention Annual Hotel Committee supports the Tech pavilion and various education sessions
Term Committee members serve for a term of 2 years.

9) Will your company support your involvement within an GBTA committee? (both time and travel cost)

10) Have you participated on another GBTA committee?

11) If there is current no position available on the Hotel Committee, would you be interested in another committee?

12) Are you a member of a local GBTA chapter?

(If yes, please describe your participation in the chapter: Member, committees,  board positions, etc.)

13) Why would you like to be a member of the GBTA Hotel Committee?