GBTA Ladders 

Climb To the Top with GBTA Ladders

The GBTA Ladders Program connects corporate travel leaders with industry newcomers to facilitate collaboration and mentorship.



Why Join GBTA Ladders?

For passionate industry leaders, the GBTA Ladders Program represents an opportunity to pass on wisdom acquired over the course of a meaningful career. You can guide new members of the corporate travel community by helping them build connections, knowledge, and skills. By doing so, you can help shape the future of the business travel industry. 


For newcomers, the GBTA Ladders Program is the best way to get in touch with successful professionals and tap into their expertise. You will build connections and benefit from the experience of your mentor. GBTA Ladders allows you to access key advice that simply isn’t available elsewhere, putting you in a position to excel in your career in business travel.  

What Happens in the GBTA Ladders Program?

Experienced individuals including Directors of Travel and Executives from supplier organizations contribute their time to a team of 2-3 newcomers. Together, they form a Ladders Group.


All of the groups meet once per quarter on a call where a subject matter expert presents on a specific topic. Next, groups meet to prepare presentations and later present them to the Task Force Leadership. The Task Force Leadership picks the top three presentations for consideration and awards one Ladder Group the ultimate prize: a chance to present at a GBTA Convention education session. 


“Thank you to GBTA and the Task Force Leadership for graciously giving your time to this important initiative. The travel industry is lucky to a program like this enabling learning, collaboration & exciting growth to happen through programs like this.”


- Sarah Kennedy, Mentee

Meet the Mentors and Mentees

GBTA Ladders mentees are entrepreneurial travel professionals armed with a strong and innovative spirit, a razor-sharp focus, and a keen understanding of the marketplace. They are well educated, highly versed in technology, and business-oriented. They have a passion for solving some of the major challenges facing business travel today and tomorrow. Combining that kind of talent with C-level expert mentors who have considerable experience and proven track records of success creates an environment that fosters creativity and ideas that can transform the business travel industry.

Meet the Mentees

Meet the Mentors

Meet the Ladders Leadership

Meet the Ladders Sub-Committees

2016 Team Phillip Peña
2014 Team Bob Somers
2014 Team Casto
2013 Team Maguire
2013 Team Jim Sisco

The 2017/2018 Application will be open through September 1, 2017.
Notifications to those accepted into the program will go out by October 15th, 2017.

Program Kick off will be early in the Fall!

Take a moment to fill out the GBTA Ladders online application here: Online Application

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