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 Taxes and Fees on Travel Reaching the Tipping Point 

Alexandria, VA (December 10, 2013) – Today, GBTA issued its annual best and worst taxed business travel destinations in the United States.

GBTA Executive Director and COO Michael W. McCormick issued the following statement:

“Bad news – travel taxes are getting worse. In 2013, taxes levied specifically on travel-related services increased the total tax bill for a traveler by 58 percent. More and more, governments think the easiest way to raise money is to penalize business travelers.”

“That’s just bad for business.”

“But it’s not just state and local governments that see business travelers as their cash cow - the federal government is getting in the game. This week, Congress may consider a doubling of the TSA aviation security tax. Instead of driving TSA efficiencies that curb spending, Congress’ solution is to double the amount you pay.”

“Improving management, procurement and budget controls will make a real difference.”

“Federal, state and local governments should be applauded when they focus on promoting travel. Road warriors strengthen the economy, create jobs and drive economic security. Yet, governments insist on treating travelers like their ATM. GBTA is very concerned taxes and fees are approaching the tipping point that will ultimately push business travelers to stay at home.”

“We all pay when governments take a short-sighted approach that raises the costs for business travel.”

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