Gold Medal Recognition Program 

Creating a Sustainability Community

The Project ICARUS sustainability Gold Medal recognition program will be the focal point for recognizing industry professionals dedicated to serving the needs of the business travel and meetings industry and who are willing to learn, share, lead and above all TAKE ACTION in the drive to greater sustainability.


Gold Medal Recognition ProgramWhat is the GBTA Project Icarus Gold Medal recognition program?
The Project ICARUS Sustainability Program has been created to recognize travel and meeting industry professionals travel buyers and suppliers who are:


  • Committed to making sustainability a core function within their business travel and meetings program or supply chain proposition and / or
  • Leading the way by commitment and actions to procure or provide best in class sustainability programs for their company, travelers and customers


There are separate Gold Medal programs for travel buyers and suppliers / intermediaries.


The program:

To achieve our objective and to encourage the industry to act we have introduced 2 levels of recognition:


Level 1 - Commitment Level

Project ICARUS urges travel buyers and suppliers to sign up to the principles of Project ICARUS and make a statement to the industry that they are going to TAKE ACTION!


Level 2 – Gold Medal

Gold Medals are given to travel buyers and suppliers based on a review of activities that demonstrate evidence of industry leadership and actions, as well as commitment to the travelers, customers, stakeholders and shareholders served.


Gold Medals will be given in 3 ways:


  • National: based on an application from a company operating in a specific country
  • Regional: based on an application from a company operating across a  specific GBTA region
  • Global: based on a company operating within all GBTA regions and a minimum of 10 countries.


All submissions are undertaken through a set application format and each entry will need to be supported by evidence to validate each claim.


Congratulations to our Gold Medal and Commitment Level Partners

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