Who We Are 

Board of Trustees

Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees, its committees and the Industry Advisory Council, the GBTA Foundation is taking great strides in providing significant programs and tools to successfully advance the business travel professional. The Board of Trustees, chaired by Douglas Anderson, is dedicated to promoting continuous professional advancement among the GBTA membership, as well as the overall industry. In addition to that overriding goal, the Board of Trustees shares a common vision for the organization that includes:

  • Anticipating and meeting the needs of travel professionals in regard to research and education.
  • Developing tangible research and education products that advance the understanding of the business travel profession and the entire business travel industry.
  • Expanding the role of the Foundation and the resources it offers to the business travel industry globally.

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Industry Advisory Council

The GBTA Foundation Industry Advisory Council (IAC) acts as the Foundation's "think tank" to identify new ideas and projects to help further advance the business travel industry globally. Through this working group, the Foundation is seeking to harness the front-line knowledge of both Direct Members and Allied executives. The involvement of these industry leaders at the formulation stage of research and educational initiatives assists the GBTA Foundation Board of Trustees in developing valuable resources for the GBTA membership and the corporate travel industry at large.


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Regional Advisory Boards 


The GBTA Foundation advisory boards act as the Foundation’s guiding force in the region, identifying needs in the marketplace and key players to support them.


Advisory board members provide the expertise needed to ensure that the GBTA Foundation’s messaging and programming resonates with the local culture, while representing the organization as the true thought leader in the industry.


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GBTA Foundation Staff

GBTA Foundation consists of various departments that serve the Foundation Partnership Initiative. These include Development, Research, Education and Project ICARUS. 

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