GBTA Travel Research Tools

Airfare Reports

The Airfare Reports allow travel managers to compare their United States airfares with industry-wide average fares for individual airlines and specific city-pairs. The fare information is reported by airlines to the US Department of Transportation through the DOT's ten-percent coupon sample and is managed and presented for the GBTA Foundation by aviation consultants SH&E. The airfare information and other airline statistics you see are updated quarterly.

Comparison Reports

  • View reports by route or by carrier
  • Compare airlines’ cost per mile (CPM) and average ticket price (ATP) by routes
  • Select time periods by year, last four quarters, quarter or year-to-date
  • View year-over-year changes for all time periods
  • Review load factors and market shares by route
  • View data in 16 different currencies
  • Graph data results instantly
  • Download any data you see on screen to Excel

Non-Stop Service Reports

View data for any route or airline by non-stop service only.

Benchmark Against GBTA peers

Benchmark against GBTA members on cost per mile (CPM) and average ticket price (ATP) on any route or by any airline.