History of the GBTA Foundation 

The GBTA Foundation was created in 1997 to support GBTA members and the business travel industry through research and educational programming. The Foundation is funded through two primary sources: long-term partnership commitments and proceeds generated from special events.

The initial capital campaign initiative to create the Foundation was known as the Foundation for the Future project (1997 – 2002). From this original effort, nearly $4.5 million was raised from corporate supporters. The GBTA Foundation remains extremely grateful to these Founding Donors for their vision and dedication to advancing the corporate travel industry.

In March 2003, the Foundation Board of Trustees launched a new capital campaign to renew at least $4 million in capital support to maintain its mission over the next five years. This second effort—Business Travel Today & Tomorrow (2004 – 2008) raised more than $5 million for the GBTA Foundation to continue its education and research efforts on behalf of the business travel industry. Through the generosity of these companies and GBTA Chapters, the Foundation expanded its research initiatives to include an on-line benchmarking tool; expanded the number of sessions and participants in the Global Leadership Professional program; and increased its scholarship program. The Foundation is very thankful to the Business Travel Today & Tomorrow donors for their commitment to the GBTA Foundation and our industry.

The GBTA Foundation continues to look for ways to partner with corporations and other stakeholders interested in advancing the corporate travel industry. Its most recent collaboration effort, Foundation Partnership Initiative, provides the funding to allow the Foundation to continue to deliver and enhance educational and research offerings, while expanding these offerings globally. To date, the Foundation has secured more than $10 million in partnerships to support this effort and business travel professionals around the world.