Overview / Certificate 

What is the Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Program? 

In continuing its mission of providing unparalleled educational opportunities for the business travel professional, the GBTA Foundation has partnered with The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, to develop the Global Leadership Professional® (GLP) Program.

The GLP program is the only course for the travel management professional offered at the master's level. With the Foundation's financial support, travel professionals can participate in the GLP program at a fraction of the cost of similar, top-tier management programs.

The focus of the Global Leadership Professional® program is strategic. It is more than a travel management program; it uses an interdisciplinary approach that addresses both the opportunities and challenges of conducting business in today's environment. The program aims to provide individuals with the keys to create value for corporations and customers, and to inspire professional achievement.

The program presents a broad overview of all major business disciplines which aims to provide individuals with the skills to:

·         Create value for corporations and customers alike

·         Inspire professional achievement in travel industry executives

·         Develop opportunities to analyze industry trends

·         Identify new solutions to emerging problems in a rapidly changing industry

Participants of the GLP Program are the beneficiaries of interchange with industry peers, as well as renowned Wharton School faculty.  The breadth and depth of the faculty expertise offers participants in the program an intensive insight into current business issues in leadership, finance, marketing, and management.

What are the steps to complete the GLP Program? 

The GBTA Foundation and the Wharton School provide a master’s-level Certificate of Professional Development to participants who successfully complete one 5-day session and three 2-day sessions within twenty-four months, including at least one session in three of the four main competencies of management, marketing, leadership and finance.

This certificate from The Wharton School provides an indication of your commitment to continuing professional development.

What is the GLP Designation, and how is that different from the GLP Program? 

Receiving your Certificate of Professional Development does not qualify you to use the GLP Designation after your name. To receive that designation, you must complete the GLP Designation Program.

The Global Leadership Professional® Designation (GLP) was created to acknowledge business travel professionals who had completed the Global Leadership Professional® program, received their Certificate of Professional Development and then applied that knowledge to help further the industry through a related group project.  Participants completing the 12 month designation program will be honored at GBTA's Annual Convention and then be able to carry the GLP designation following their names.

The Global Leadership Professional® designation consists of several components, beginning with a 2-day on-site session with Wharton Professors.  During this session, work groups will be formed and industry related projects will be assigned.  Over the next 9 months participants will receive additional instruction from the professors via three web-based virtual classrooms, as well as working independently and within their groups via email and conference calls.  There will be a final 1-day on-site session during which the participants will finalize their projects and presentations for delivery to their industry peers at the GBTA Convention.

This program provides corporate travel professionals an opportunity to utilize the various skills, knowledge and expertise they have gained during the GLP program, put it to practical use and then in turn share that knowledge with their peers in an effort to help better the travel industry.