Strategic Data-Driven Business Leadership

Date: April 9-11
Discipline: Marketing
Professor: Raj Venkatesan

This course focuses on harnessing data, analytics, and design thinking for superior strategic insight, building iconic brands, enduring customer relationships and delivering peak performance. 

Learning Objectives include:


  1. Harnessing the potential of technology, new data sources, and Analytics for building enduring customer relationships
  2. Gaining deeper consumer insights with analytics & technology
  3. Leading with a Customer Centric mindset and driving organizational transformation






Association Leadership Forum on Global Influences

Date: April 10
2:00-4:00 pm EST
InterContinental Barclay Hotel | Barclay Salon


2:00 - 2:30pm    GBTA Research: US Business Traveler Risk Perceptions

Business travelers face myriad risks from the mundane to the catastrophic. This study examines business travelers’ perception of the safety risks they face while traveling, focusing especially on terrorism, the greatest concern among respondents. It gauges travelers’ opinions about the types of risks they face; how their company has addressed these risks; and measures they would take to reduce or avoid them. In addition, it examines their opinions about the safety of 16 popular business travel destinations both in the U.S. and abroad.

Presenter: Jeanne Liu, Vice President Research, GBTA Foundation

3:00 - 4:00pm   World Voices: Top Association Leadership Discuss Pressing Global Issues and Their Effect on Corporate Travel and Business

Amidst the current political, economic and global influences hear from four leading industry association executives, as they share their insight, the voice of their respective membership and their focus for the coming year.


Moderator: Mike McCormick, Executive Director and COO, GBTA


-          Tom Derry, Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Supply Management

-          Michael Gips, Chief Global Knowledge and Learning Officer, ASIS International

-          Lynn Shotwell, Executive Director of SHRM's immigration advocacy affiliate, Council for Global Immigration

-          Peggy Smith, President and CEO, Worldwide ERC