GBTA Hub Migration 

GBTA Hub has migrated to a new platform, with many of the features and capabilities you’ve used in the past GBTA Hub.

In the new Hub, you’ll still find many of the capabilities you’ve used in the past, including the ability to:

Connect with GBTA members Send and receive GBTA Hub Messages
Search the global member directory Earn Hub Leaderboard points
Join Industry Groups Join Group discussions
Download over 1,500 business travel resources Find local and global GBTA events
Receive email digests about GBTA Hub activity Receive instant notifications from GBTA Hub

There are also some new capabilities you’ll find in GBTA Hub, including:

Fully mobile GBTA Hub experience Powerful filtering of 1,500 resource library resources
See which connections are online now Bookmark Hub resources important to you
GBTA Media section Open Forum Discussion Groups

There are a few features of the GBTA Hub platform that will not migrate with this transition, including:

  • Existing group discussions
  • GBTA Hub inbox messages
  • Content alerts
  • Member matching

If there are any messages in your Hub inbox, or discussions within one of your groups that you’d like to refer to in the future, please save those items now.

If you have any questions about the GBTA Hub Migration, please contact the GBTA Member Care Team at membercare@gbta.org.

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