Annual Chapter Challenge 

9th Annual BTA Challenge is ON!

GBTA is challenging its BTAs to engage their elected officials. BTAs meeting these 5 tasks will be recognized as Challenge Partners

  • 35% of membership sends a communication to one of their elected officials through the Legislative Action Center
  • Invite an elected official to speak at a chapter meeting or host a GBTA government relations focused meeting
  • BTA sends a letter to its representative or senator endorsing a GBTA endorsed bill or vote
  • BTA appoints a liaison to the GBTA Government Relations Department
  • Large BTAsraise $1,500.00, Medium BTA’s raise $1,000.00 and Small BTAs raise $500.00 in PAC contributions, ALL must have 30% of members contribute

BTAs that meet each task will be recognized as Challenge Partners

Challenge runs Convention to Convention (September 1, 2014 – July 17, 2015)

BTA Challenge PARTNERS will…(Details announced closer to Convention)


> BTAs are divided into three groups based on membership size <

The BTA Partners in each division that raises the most PAC money above the Partner $ level will be the WINNER

> Three Size Divisions – Three Winners

The three Winners will have a reserved table for all 2015GBTA Convention General Sessions BTA Challenge Runner Ups

> BTA Partners that Finish 2nd in PAC money raised <

In Addition to the three tables–we are offering a 4th reserved table. The BTA who raises the second highest PAC amount in each division will be eligible for a reserved table for ONE of the three days.

The deciding factor forwhich day the runner up BTAs gets the table will be based on the BTA with the highest average contribution per member