50 Years and Thousands of Memories

Throughout our 49 years of hosting Convention, our attendees have walked away with thousands of memories. In honor of our upcoming 50th anniversary, we’re on a mission to collect as many as we can!

GBTA Convention has long been shaped by its attendees who have helped to foster a community of business travel professionals committed to improving our industry. We want to commemorate this growth by showcasing your favorite pictures, videos, brochures or any memorabilia you may have of past events. Here are a few we’ve collected so far.


NBTA International Convention and Exposition 2009

YouTube video

Kevin Maguire, Former NBTA President


GBTA Convention 2016

"My favorite memory from Denver was the yoga night. It was a much-needed group activity that really helped us take our minds off the freezing convention center. Not to mention, the animals on the expo floor were so cute! MONKEYS!"

Tasha Rivera, Senior Digital Experience Specialist, GBTA


GBTA Convention 2017

"Growing up, I always wanted to be a sports broadcaster and Andrea Kremer was a major inspiration and role model for me. While I didn’t end up going into sports broadcasting, it was a huge Convention highlight in Boston to get to meet Andrea, talk with her and have her at the Studio!"

Colleen Gallagher, VP of Communications, GBTA


GBTA Convention 2015

"My first Convention dates back to 2015 in Orlando, and I remember just being amazed at the sheer magnitude of the entire conference. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to see a variety of speakers including Kevin Bacon, Michael Phelps, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I’m looking forward to creating new memories at our 50th anniversary this summer!"

Irma Martinez, HR Generalist, GBTA


Interested in submitting your own memory for a chance to be featured at #GBTA2018 in San Diego? Here’s how. Visit the GBTA Blog every Thursday for more throwback posts!