Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Certification?
The GTP Certification allows an individual to become certified as a Global Travel Professional. Its aim is to elevate professional standards and recognize individuals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of the business travel profession. The GTP also help employers to identify skilled, knowledgeable professionals.


Why should I obtain the GTP® Certification?
The GTP encourages professional growth in the field of business travel management and offers a variety of benefits to its recipients. For more information, click here.


What are the qualifications for becoming GTP® Certified?
GTP Certification requires candidates to demonstrate a minimum of three years business travel related experience. Business travel related experience is defined as time spent buying or selling business travel services.


What does the application process consist of?
Applicants must submit an application for review to verify eligibility. Once a candidate has been approved, he or she may register to take an exam. To view upcoming exam dates, click here


Where can I find the GTP® Application?
Apply for the GTP exam here.


When will I know that I am eligible to take the examination?
Once your application has been approved, GBTA will send an authorization e-mail confirming your eligibility and providing additional information about the examination and testing site.


How do I prepare for the GTP® examination?
The first thing you should do in preparation for the GTP Exam is look at the Test Content Outline. It represents the body of knowledge covered by the exam and provides details regarding the level of skill and knowledge required to earn the GTP Certification. This knowledge can be classified under any of 4 major knowledge. The domains are:


  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Buyer/Supplier Relations
  • Travel Program Administration
  • Data/Analytics/Finance


The information listed under each domain will help determine your areas of strength and weakness. To view the Test Content Outline, click here.


What resources are available to assist in preparation?

Click here to see resources that will assist you in preparing for the exam.


What is the examination format?
The GTP examination is comprised of 125 multiple choice questions. Each question has four possible answers. There is not more than one answer to each question.


How much time is allotted for the GTP® Examination?
Candidates have three hours to take the examination.


When will I receive my examination results?
Candidates registered to take the GTP exam in a computer based testing facility will receive a score report immediately after the exam has ended. Official score results will be sent via mail up to 8 weeks after the exam.

Candidates registered to take the GTP exam at a Paper and Pencil administration will be notified in writing of the examination results within 8 weeks of the test administration.

For security reasons, results will not be given over the phone or sent by fax or e-mail.


What time should I arrive at the testing site?
You should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the examination to allow sufficient time to check-in and locate your seat. The Chief Examiner will begin reading the instructions 30 minutes prior to the exam. Late arrivals cannot be admitted to the testing room.


What should I bring to the examination?
All candidates must have a government issued ID or Passport and an authorization to test letter to be admitted to the testing room. Names on both must match. The ID must be current, government-issued and contain a picture.


Why does it take 8 weeks to process exam results?
GBTA takes the processing of exam results very seriously. Best practice dictates that the item performance is carefully reviewed to ensure that items are performed in a fair and consistent manner. Our policy is to release the results of all our exams together rather than individually as they are processed.


Once I become certified, how do I maintain my certification?
GTP Certification holders will be required to recertify every three years by earning 50 recertification credits, paying the recertification fee, and signing continued adherence to the GTP code of Professional Conduct.


Refunds/Transfer Policy

Candidates who are nable to take the examiniation as scheduled may request a transfer to the next testing period. The transfer must be made in writing to Professional Testing Corporation within 45 days of the orginally schduled testing date and must be submitted with a rescheudling fee of $190. There will be no refund of fees.


Please refer the Exam Candidate Handbook for more details.


Can I retake the GTP exam?

The GTP exam may be taken as often as desired upon filing of a new application and fee.


For additional information on recertification, please click here.


Who should I contact if I haven’t received my test results?
Please email

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