Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Certification Study Guide


GTP GuideAbout the Guide

The Guide was designed to reflect and describe generally accepted knowledge, norms, and practices. In defining the content for inclusion in this Guide, GBTA involved a panel of subject matter experts who have achieved the GTP® Certification but who have not been involved in developing the GTP Certification examination. The content of the Guide reflects knowledge areas those subject matter experts believe are priorities for travel professionals. While the Guide leverages and cross-references sources to support the topics, the bulk of the content is original.





This Guide summarizes knowledge that relates to the global business travel industry in order to support professionals in the field who want to learn or expand their knowledge, as well as those planning to achieve the GTP® Certification. Although it does not replace other resources and publications, it puts them into context, begins to set a standard, and provides an overall framework for the global travel profession.

The Guide intends to help all travel professionals understand what the GBTA considers to be generally accepted and recommended knowledge, business practices, and preferred use of terminology. While its use is not required for achieving the GTP Certification, business travel professionals can use the Guide to assess or validate their experience and knowledge, expand their knowledge, understand the framework of the global travel profession, and help them prepare for the GTP examination.


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