Preparing for your Exam


The first thing you should do in preparation for the GTP® Exam is look at the Test Content Outline. It represents the body of knowledge covered on the exam and provides details regarding the level of skill and knowledge required to earn the GTP Certification.

Test Content Outline

The Test Content Outline is based on a job analysis survey of knowledge and skills needed for business travel professionals. The four major domains of knowledge tested by the examination are Strategic Business Planning, Buyer/Supplier Relations, Travel Program Administration, and Data/Analytics/Finance.

Look at the information included under each domain to assess your skills and knowledge and ascertain your strengths and weaknesses. Once you identify what you need to study, prioritize the list according to your knowledge level and spend the most time studying the topics you know least about. Another good strategy is to think about a question that could be asked for each topic.

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Exam Candidate Handbook


This handbook will have all the necessary details on timeline and things to expect once you have submitted an application for review.


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Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Certification Online Preparation Course

This on-demand training features two sessions designed to help you prepare for the GTP® exam and move your career forward. GTP certified travel professionals will lead each session and tap into their extensive experience to provide real-world examples and insight into the four domains covered on the GTP exam. The instructor team will also discuss how to use the GTP Study Guide, which is included for free with the purchase of this course.  *A copy of the GTP Study Guide is included with the purchase of this course.*


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Cost: $175 for GBTA members, $200 for non-members


Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Certification Study Guide
The Guide is designed to reflect and describe generally accepted knowledge, norms, and practices prevalent in the business travel industry. It was created by a panel of subject matter experts who have achieved the GTP® Certification but who have not been involved in the development of the GTP Certification exam. The content of the Guide reflects knowledge areas those subject matter experts believe are priorities for travel professionals. While the Guide leverages and cross-references sources to support the topics, the bulk of the content is original.


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Global Travel Professional® (GTP) - Suggested Resource List


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