The Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Recertification

The GTP® Recertification Program is designed to be a continuous process of learning and professional development.  Recertification helps you stay well-versed in concepts, technology, principles, and best practices, and best practices as they evolve over time within the industry. It provides employers and professionals with a method of assessing continued professional development. It is designed to facilitate continued development through participation in a variety of learning experiences, such as education, training, teaching, publishing, and volunteer leadership.


The GTP Certificiation is valid for three years expiring in either June or December. The date is printed on your certificate.  


To recertify as a GTP:

  1. Individuals must demonstrate their involvement in professional development activities by obtaining as least 50 recertification credits prior to certification expiration.
  2. In lieu of obtaining these credits, an alternative is to successfully pass the GTP examination again.
  3. To read more about the recertification program, download the Recertification Handbook. 
  4. Click the link below to the Recertification Portal to start tracking your credits.







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