Leadership Structure 

The GBTA Europe network is complemented by three voluntary bodies working in harmony.

The Board of Directors, with guidance from a Strategic Advisory Board and a Partnership Council to ensure that the network retains European leadership for European members.

The Advisory Board is a group of appointed buyer and supplier members of the network with the goal of creating membership benefit strategy, ensuring GBTA Europe remains led by buyers and monitoring that any activity undertaken by the network is in line with created strategy and objectives.

The Partnership Council is a group of representatives from each of GBTA Europe’s partners. Its role is to guide the network to ensure it works in the interests of Europe’s regional partners and their members/subscribers, and to ensure the mutual co-operation of all partners for the benefit of all.


The network is established on the following three principles:

  • It will always be buyer-led, with the Chairman of the Advisory Board always being established buyers of business travel and/or meetings services.
  • It will always work in partnership with established association partners in Europe where possible and only undertake activity which reinforces supportive partner association membership and services
  • It will strive to leverage the combined knowledge and expertise of the whole global GBTA network for the benefit of the network members.

European Advocacy Group

The European Advocacy Group is a group of single, buyer or association leadership representatives from each GBTA Europe partner. Its role is to engage with the European Commission and business travel industry in Europe on issues which affect the business travel buyer/manager and to co-ordinate activity with GBTA centrally to ensure an effective buyer voice.

GBTA Europe
in Partnership With:

The Austrian Business Travel Association (ABTA)

The Danish Business Travel Association (DBTA)

The Finnish Business Travel Association (FBTA)

The Iberian Business Travel Association (IBTA)

The Institute of Travel & Meetings - UK & Ireland (ITM)

The Netherlands Association of Travel Management (NATM)

The Norwegian Business Travel Association (NBTA)

The Swedish Business Travel Association (SBTA)

The German Business Travel Association (VDR)