Accomplished Business Leader and Entrepreneur Gus Balbontin to Deliver Keynote Address at btTB 2017 in Partnership with GBTA

Former Executive Director and CTO of Lonely Planet, Gus Balbontin will deliver a keynote address at the upcoming btTB 2017 to be held on 2-3 May 2017 in Sydney. Gus will take the stage near the close of day one for his keynote presentation: Business Disruption: The Stories of Business Transformation in the Ever Reinventing Media Industry.

The keynote session will leave attendees with clear takeaways on how to focus on the real problem and stay close to the customer through disruption; how business systems and structures can own you and stop you from transforming and chasing the market; and how to invest in people, hiring and developing the innovation culture required to re-invent your business.

Gus Balbontin and his team helped Lonely Planet tackle the digital; revolution and muscle through a decade of disruption by developing products and technology platforms that contributed to the revolution in Travel and Media. Gus remains heavily involved with the startup scene around the world as a founder, investor and advisor and is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Victoria University.

From his background in investing, advising and founding start-ups, he talks of business disruption and transformation, plus the successes and failures of a media industry that continuously goes through significant reinvention. The lessons he shares can be applied to every industry, business and individual facing the challenges of the 21st Century.

Gus is a big thinker who doesn’t let ‘life’s hurdles’ get in the way of big solutions. His knowledge and expertise in transformation and digital innovation is genuinely impressive, as he imparts wisdom to attendees on how to navigate the struggles and successes that even great brands in the world experience.

Registration remains open for the upcoming event, which has already secured a record number of buyer registrants, and you can find more information or view the full conference programme here.