Apartool launches a new division called Apartool Projects to accommodate large teams temporarily

The Olympic Games in Paris, the America’s Cup in Barcelona, and other sports events involve the temporary relocation of thousands of people and groups of workers. Traveling with large teams is becoming increasingly common in today’s business environment, and managing them efficiently is a challenge for organizations. That’s why Apartool is introducing a new division, Apartool Projects, to change the way companies handle accommodation for large groups of workers worldwide. The goal of this Apartool unit is to provide a seamless and efficient experience through a single channel that simplifies management.

Apartool Projects offers customized solutions to temporarily accommodate large teams so they can work with the comfort of feeling at home, and with great ease of contracting for companies or institutions: through a single point of contact, with speed, payment flexibility, and a wide network of properties to choose from. Through strategic partnerships, it offers tailored solutions based on location, budget, and length of stay. Working with Apartool streamlines operations, boosts productivity, and enhances the well-being of displaced employees. The purpose is to ‘hotelize’ the corporate housing industry, as explained by Aleix de Castellar, co-founder of Apartool, ‘the company is seeking to “hotelize” corporate housing by making reservations as easy as booking a hotel’.

Accommodation Partner for America’s Cup Barcelona 2024

Apartool is proud to announce its role as the official provider of temporary accommodation for America’s Cup 37th in Barcelona, a city where Apartool has around 2,500 apartments. With its extensive experience, Apartool offers additional support and services, including customized solutions, guest relationship assistance, on-site support, and tailored recommendations.

Steph Stubbs, Operations Manager for Emirates Team New Zealand, describes her experience working with Apartool Projects: ‘Accommodating Emirates Team New Zealand in a foreign country, language barrier and all, is a huge task. Housing a large team and their families requires excellent partners to ensure a satisfying experience from start to finish’.

Accommodation Partner for Olympic Games París 2024

Apartool Projects announces a collaboration to provide its temporary accommodation services for workers displaced by the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Apartool will address the specific needs of organizations, ensuring comfortable and hassle-free stays for their teams.