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Don’t Risk a Holiday Season that is Memorable for the Wrong Reasons…!

The U.S. State Department recently issued a travel alert warning of a heightened terrorist threat in Europe during the holiday season. Increased security is to be anticipated in urban centers, airports, tourist locations and Christmas markets throughout Europe, including France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.  ISIS…

Is Ride-sharing Right for Your Corporate Travel Program?

Ride-sharing services are a study in explosive growth. When Uber, the first large-scale ride-sharing service, launched in 2010, it was restricted to San Francisco and cost one-and-a-half times more than a taxi, according to Business Insider. By the next year, it had spread to multiple cities, had an app, and advertised itself as “Everyone’s Private

Mitigating Risks in the Sharing Economy

The sharing of transportation and accommodation services facilitated through companies such as Lyft, Uber and Airbnb, has massively transformed leisure travel. Peer-to-peer services use technology to match travelers with service providers, offering greater flexibility, ease of use and often increased value for money. Now that the shared economy services have reached a wide level of

Keeping Peace of Mind When Traveling in an Uncertain Time

Past events of 2016 and recent executive orders from the new administration have created a new year of travel challenges and concerns.  And while business travel continues to increase globally, so does the acknowledgement of travel risk.  According to a recent global Ipsos MORI survey of over 1,000 individuals who organize, influence or are responsible

Keeping Safe with Some Solid Advice: Travel Risk Awareness Clarified

Travel risk has become more complex yet staying safe is simple if you follow these six basic principles of security: preparation, awareness, low profile, unpredictable routine, communications and layers of protection. Preparation: There is no substitute and frankly, no excuse for lack of preparation.  Educate yourself about the risks before you travel and plan your mitigation