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GBTA Calls for End to Testing Requirements for Vaccinated International Business Travelers

GBTA calls on governments in Europe, Canada, U.S. and Latin America to end COVID-19 testing requirements for vaccinated travelers. It’s been almost two years to the day since the global pandemic was declared. And while entire segments of the global economy have successfully reopened, business travel is still lagging far…

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Breaking the Bias, Today and Every Day
Today marks International Women’s Day 2022, a global day celebrating the achievements of women while also calling for a more gender-equal world. #IWD2022 There are amazing women achieving so much in our own industry, along with the allyship of amazing men. And tomorrow we hope you’ll join the discussion to #breakthebias.…

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Meeting, Connecting and Celebrating More “Firsts”
This week marks another “first” in getting back to business travel as well as face-to-face GBTA events. Over 120 GBTA chapter leaders from across the U.S. are gathering for the first time since 2020 for the GBTA Leadership Summit in Tampa, FL, to learn, develop, network and collaborate.   GBTA’s 38 U.S.…

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Realizing the Upside in the Unexpected 
Is anyone completely comfortable yet with “expecting the unexpected”? Me either. Not an easy task in current times, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some upsides amid the challenges.  The omicron variant is one of the latest developments testing our resolve. On Thursday, GBTA will release the findings from our special quick poll about…

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Navigating Business, When Business As Usual Isn’t
Fresh from the GBTA Convention in Orlando last week, I am still processing many of the amazing moments. Coming back together truly reinforces the power and value of meeting in person.   Feedback that kept coming up in discussions with Convention attendees last week centered around quality. Quality of the content featuring important topics for our industry right now. Quality in the  education programs offered across all levels. And quality in the meetings held on the…

From Setback To Surge: Business Travel Expected To Fully Recover by 2024

Pandemic risk, vaccination rates, inflation, business traveler considerations, and travel volume return are among potential recovery challenges ahead
Business travel recovery in 2021 proceeded at a slower, more cautionary pace than expected from a year ago. However, global business travel spending is expected to surge in 2022 with full recovery expected in 2024–ending the year on pace with the 2019 pre-pandemic spend of $1.4 trillion, and a year…
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