Week in Review

Skift interviewed GBTA’s Mike McCormick this week about the potential hit to the economy if the DHS funding bill doesn’t pass. “It means longer lines, disruption, and a risk of business travelers canceling trips,” McCormick said. Associations Now also weighed in on the potential for dire effects of a Homeland Security shutdown. GBTA often talks

GBTA Supports DOC, DHS Plan to Improve Inbound Air Travelers’ Experience

Last May, President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum calling on the Departments of Commerce and Homeland Security to establish a national goal and airport-specific action plans at our largest airports to enhance the arrivals process for international travelers to the United States. On Friday, DOC and DHS delivered on the next step in improving the

GBTA назначила первого регионального директора в России

Международная Ассоциация Делового Туризма назначила Татьяну Широкову на должность регионального директора в России. Это первое назначение Ассоциации на российском рынке, куда она вышла в 2013 году.   «С момента своего основания 2 года назад, позиции GBTA Russia на рынке постоянно укреплялись.  Назначение регионального директора стало для нас логичным шагом, так…

GBTA Supports DOC, DHS Plan to Improve Inbound Air Travelers’ Experience

Initiatives Underscore the Importance of International Travel to the US Economy and Highlight the Critical Need to Maintain DHS Funding
Alexandria, VA (February 13, 2015) – Responding to the Department of Commerce (DOC) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report, “Supporting Travel and Tourism to Grow Our Economy and Create More Jobs: A National Goal on the International Arrivals Process and Airport-Specific Action Plans,” Michael W. McCormick, Executive Director and…

Staying Up to Date on Hotel Cancellation Policies

Earlier this week, I wrote about new hotel WiFi practices. Cancellations are another area where we are seeing changes in hotel policy that significantly impact business travelers. Recently, Marriott and Hilton, two of the country’s largest hotel chains made broad changes to their cancellation policies. The new cancellation policies require that guests cancel their reservation by

Hotel WiFi: Keeping Road Warriors Connected

Connectivity is crucial for business travelers – and for many road warriors, that often means connecting to a hotel WiFi network. Free WiFi is one of the most coveted amenities: a Hotels.com survey of 8,600 travelers worldwide found just 11 percent would be willing to pay for Wi-Fi when staying in a hotel. GBTA has

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