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GBTA LATAM Continues to Grow

During Convention 2016, Kevin Maguire, GBTA Regional Vice President for the LATAM region, joined us at the GBTA Broadcast Studio to talk about the year ahead for GBTA in Latin America. Building on initial locations in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, GBTA has now expanded into Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay and Chile with plans to include

The Travel Habits of Highly Effective Mexico Business Travelers: Overnight Trips Drive a Booming Market

If the typical Mexican business traveler were to set up an online profile, it might read, “successful, college educated, middle-upper management professional male seeks to contribute to $263.2 billion Mexican peso (MXN) industry through frequent, individual, overnight business trips to the South-Central region of the country.”  Indeed, according to a recent study sponsored by the

The Mexican Business Travel Industry: A Healthy Business Travel Industry is Driving Growth in all Regions of Country

The Mexican economy boasts a highly fluid and sophisticated economy with a free flow of goods, services and business travelers throughout the country’s various regions and states. Business travel itself is a huge driver of the country’s economic growth and health – accounting for $263.2 billion Mexican Pesos (about $15 billion) in 2015. A recent