Business Travel Associations Support Proposal from the European Commission

To Lift Restrictions On Non-Essential Travel For Vaccinated Persons Travelling To The EU

Brussels (May 5, 2021) – An international group of Business Travel Associations welcome the proposal released by the European Commission earlier this week to ease restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU for vaccinated individuals.

The group which includes the Austrian Business Travel Association (ABTA); AFTM (Association Française du Travel Management); (ASTM) Association of Swiss Travel Management; the Belgian Association of Travel Management (BATM); the Danish Business Travel Association (DBTA) the Finnish Business Travel Association (FBTA); the Spanish Business Travel Association (IBTA); the Institute of Travel Management (ITM); the Netherlands Association of Travel Managers (NATM), the Norwegian Business Travel Association (NBTA), the Swedish Business Travel Association (SBTA) and VDR (the German Business Travel Association) along with the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA),  is asking EU governments to swiftly agree and adopt the proposed changes in a co-ordinated effort to gradually lift travel restrictions.

The proposal allows entry to the EU for non-essential reasons for all persons coming from countries with a good epidemiological situation, but also for those who have received the final recommended dose of an EU-authorised vaccine. The announcement reflects the latest scientific developments in the epidemiological situation and complements the introduction of the Digital Green Certificate, voted for by the European Parliament last week to prevent holders from being subject to additional travel restrictions.

“The new proposal asking EU Member States to lift restrictions on non-essential travel for vaccinated persons travelling to the EU, is a further positive step towards business travel recovery. While the Digital Green Certificate is expected to incentivise EU countries to lift their travel restrictions for EU citizens, this new proposal provides a fresh impetus to start re-opening international travel. We actively encourage EU Member States to align to ensure these recommendations are operational swiftly.” said Suzanne Neufang, CEO – GBTA