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GBTA Ladders Summit 2020

Event Start Date: 5/19/2020

Event End Date: 5/21/2020

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North America

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GBTA Ladders Summit 2020

May 19 – 21, 2020
Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX


As things change rapidly in our current environment, we will keep you informed about the GBTA Ladders program and Summit via email and on this website. As a result of the impact of CV-19 on the business travel industry, the following adjustments have been made to the program:

Final virtual presentations will be scheduled in May instead of April allowing teams more time to work on their projects. Expect calendar invites to go out next week.

We are monitoring the situation and these details are subject to change based on the current environment. Safety and security remain our number one concern for all our participants.

Meantime, let’s stay connected on Insta…follow us @GBTALadders!



This event is by invitation only.

Registration is complimentary to GBTA Members Only. Non-members must become members of GBTA to participate in the Ladders Program. Membership can be purchased through registration.

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Bringing together the Members of Ladders for a face to face meeting will:

  • Further strengthen the bond between individual teams as well as facilitate connections with other members of the group

  • Facilitate collaboration and communication between mentors and mentees

  • Create an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas to channel change into productive action

  • Collaborate on best practices and standard operating procedures for navigating and leading the travel industry



  • GBTA Ladders Mentors and Mentees

  • GBTA Ladders Advisory Council

  • GBTA representative from headquarters

  • Keynote speaker and guests from outside the program

  • GBTA Ladders Alumni Advisors and Committee Members


Mentors, Alumni Advisors and Committee Members are invited to a special networking reception on Monday, May 18th from 5-7pm in Ft. Worth, TX.  This exclusive event is by invitation only.


Dress Code:

Professional attire. Reception and dinner is sophisticated casual.


Hotel Information:

In an effort to be sensitive to many of our attendees’ company mandated travel/hotel partnerships – coupled with the large number of easily accessible hotels in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area - GBTA Ladders Summit 2020 will forgo a host hotel.  All participants are encouraged to individually make reservations for their accommodations in the Irving & Grapevine areas for the duration of the May Summit.

Attendees should check back for any changes.



(please check back for changes)

This year’s Ladders program theme will investigate what constitutes value. When value is an elusive concept that means different things to different people, how can you harness and communicate the proposition in a way that resonates with impact? What are the markers of value and how can you tap into them in a fool proof way every time? 


Part I:

Teams will run from the kickoff call on Monday, November 12th through the announcement of the team finalists selected to present at the GBTA Ladders Summit. This  year’s theme will address the topic from a business perspective, including defining and articulating the value of:

  • The corporate travel industry

  • Verticals within the industry

  • Managed travel programs

  • And others

It will also address the topic from a personal perspective. To  include defining and articulating the value of:

  • Your role within your organization (travel manager, salesperson, account manager, etc.)

  • Your work product

And others

Part II:

This portion of the Ladders programming will run from finalist selection through GBTA Convention 2020 in Denver, Colorado.


Day 1 – Tuesday, May 19th

Time Session information

11:00 am


11:30 am

Lunch & Networking

12:30 pm

Opening Remarks and Group Breakout Sessions

3:30 pm

Break & Networking

4:00 pm

Closing Remarks

5:00 pm

Welcome Reception & Networking

Day 2 – Wednesday, May 20th

Time Session information

8:00 am

Breakfast & Networking

8:30 am

Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker

9:00 am

General Session & Team Presentation

10:30 am

Break & Networking

10:45 am

General Session & Team Presentation

12:00 pm

Lunch & Networking

1:00 pm

General Session & Team Presentation

3:30 pm

Break & Networking

3:45 pm

General Session & Team Presentation

5:00 pm

Closing Remarks

7:30 pm

Group Dinners & Networking

Day 3: Thursday, May 21st

Time Session information

8:30 am

Welcome & Networking

9:00 am

Community Service Project

12:00 pm

Closing & Departures


American Airlines Airfare Discount:

American Airlines is offering a 5% airfare discount for attendees travelling to the Summit.

The discount can be booked on-line at for AA/AE flights only, without a ticketing charge, allow at least 1 business hour for loading.  Use the Authorization Number noted above without the preceding A as the Promotion Code.  May not apply to some contracts.

Authorization Number: A3750DL


Members of the group, travelling together or individually to the event, should contact American Airlines Meeting Services Desk at 1-800-433-1790 or for assistance with reservations and ticket purchase.


Discount Information

  • Not valid in conjunction with any other discount

  • Carrier imposed surcharges are applicable

  • Not valid on block space agreements

  • Valid 9 or less travelling to a common destination

  • Discount may vary depending on group specifics

  • When booking on discount only applies to AA/AE operated flights

  • When booking through an agency or MSD, AA* flights are eligible

  • OA prime flights are not eligible

  • All tickets purchased will inherit published fare rules


Sponsorship Opportunities

Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your brand awareness, generate leads and network with more than 100 decision makers from around the globe. The attendees of this event are buyers and suppliers who are both veterans of this industry and those new to the travel industry.


Ready now or want to talk to a team member about additional sponsorship opportunities? Please email to learn more.