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Partner Event - Becoming a Chameleon – Adapting Your Selling Style

Event Start Date: Sep 28, 2020 1:00 PM

Event End Date: Sep 28, 2020 5:00 PM

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Partner Event - Becoming a Chameleon – Adapting Your Selling Style

September 28, 2020
London, UK

Join us to discover how to discover the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. We believe it’s better than “Treat others as they like to be treated”, potentially making it the Platinum Rule.

This workshop will ensure your team take their ability to relate to their clients / prospects. We are all a mix of our genes (our nature) and our environment (also our nature). See how we view the world, and how we need to adapt our communication style in order to get our message across more effectively.

Key takeaways
Understand your personality and how others may view you.
Gain a better insight into others and how to adapt your communication style to accommodate them.
Recognise 4 core personality ‘types’ and what it needs to change for your clients to ‘hear’ you.



Melia White House
Albany Street, London, NW1 3UP


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