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Canada Town Hall Calls

Event Start Date: May 27, 2020 2:00 PM

Event End Date: May 27, 2020 3:00 PM

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North America

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GBTA Canada Town Hall Calls


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May 27 Discussions

A Highlight on Contract Clauses
GBTA Canada’s Advisory Board Member, Geoff Parsons, President of Geopar Consulting and former Chief Procurement Officer of Deloitte Canada, will highlight where Covid-19 has exposed areas of uncertainty in understanding the complexities of contracts and their clauses. Geoff will provide a basic introduction to the elements of contracts that form the basis for a legally binding agreement between two parties.  In addition, he will touch on a high-level view of contract provisions or clauses that define the rights and obligations each party has under the agreement.  The three categories of contractual clauses including: enforcement clauses, interpretation clauses and execution clauses will be defined and examples provided.

Avoiding Crisis Burnout; How to juggle remote working priorities and personal priorities
Chief Burnout Officer of Breakfast Leadership, Inc, Michael Levitt, will dive into how individuals are burning out at an alarming rate, during Covid-19 and beyond. People feel the constant demand to deliver, so they're either burning out, highly stressed, or they're leaving their professions altogether. With COVID-19, this is becoming more prevalent and amplified, as lines are blurred between working remotely while balancing family and home life. Michael will discuss the best techniques you can use to immediately reduce stress, and the burnout you're facing in your organization and within yourself!

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About Canada Town Hall Calls

Our Canadian Business Travel Industry bi-weekly Town Hall Calls are intended to share information, tools and resources, that support our community through during the COVID-19 pandemic.  These calls will take place every 2nd Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST, commencing April 29, 2020.