Demystifying Corporate Travel

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Are you new to managing your company’s corporate travel program and/or policy?  Is travel management only a portion of what you do in your current role?  Are you a supplier who wants to understand the scope of your client’s role?  This session will introduce the fundamentals of corporate travel management in the Canadian marketplace. You’ll learn what makes travel different from other procurement commodities, the structure of the industry and the roles of different supplier types. Discover strategies to deliver value through benchmarking, negotiating and sourcing. And hear about industry trends that could change the way travel is managed.

Onita Dey, Director of Sales, BCD Travel


Immigration and Visa Considerations in an Era of Ongoing Uncertainty

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Canadian businesses are dealing with the increasing challenges mobilizing internal employee's accross North America, along with contractors into Canada on a rotational basis. This session will discuss the key current issues and political climate of cross-border travel within North America.  Specific considerations for Canadian employers, defining business travel versus what constitutes as 'work'. Exploring recent specific issues that companies are facing and how to both prepare and work past them. 

Kent O'Neil, Global Legal Analyst, Newland Chase
Cassandra Conacher, Immigration Consultant, Newland Chase


Enable Mobile Employees to Minimize Travel & Expense Headaches

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This session is aimed at any organization, particularly those with a large, geographically-dispersed workforce, who may have many team members frequently travelling to rural or remote locations. Cargill, the world’s largest privately-held company, that employs globally more than 150,000 people, including more than 8,000 in Canada alone, as a major processor and merchandiser of food, has extensive experience in enabling mobile employees to minimize travel and expense headaches. Cargill’s David Roberts, Finance Manager and its expense partner, Chrome River’s Greg Allworth, will share insight on some of the challenges that Cargill needed to overcome, how it selected and deployed a T&E solution that benefitted its mobile workforce.  This session will leave attendees with best practices, tips and learnings on how they too can better manage T&E for remote travellers.

Greg Allworth, Director Enterprise Sales, Canada, Chromeriver
David Roberts, Indirect Tax Manager, Cargill


NDC's Impact - Personalization in Business Travel

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In a world where personalization is found everywhere from the local coffee shop to major internet retailers it is oddly lacking in the world of travel. IATA’s NDC, New Distribution Capability, is promised to deliver personalized travel, but as a Canadian business travel industry, we need to understand how this will this affect the day to day activities of travellers, corporate travel managers and travel management companies (TMC’s). As NDC begins to be deployed by major airlines it will be crucial for corporations and TMC’s  to understand how to get the best offers and how these changes will impact their travelers.  In this session learn from industry expert, George Bryan who has been involved in NDC since its inception on how to prepare and work with NDC. In this session you will learn what NDC is, what it’s impact in the Canadian marketplace is, and how it is specifically going to impact the business traveler.

George Bryan, President, Tropos Consulting


Innovative Practices in Workforce Travel Optimization

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The current and future shortage of specialized workforces in Canada and the growth of remote camp operations, motivates employers to continually review their Fly-in/Fly-out and Drive-in/drive-out business models  to improve cost effectiveness and continuous innovation to create more value. Clients must employ best in class workforce logistics technology to manage key assets such as camps, coaches and charter or scheduled aviation. This session will outline the stakeholders and components of the logistics field and demonstrate the criticality of agencies providing integrated workforce travel programs across all industries in Canada.

Jean-Philippe Lavallee, Founder & CEO, Nomadis
Michael Nagel, Nomadis


Data Visualization in Business Travel

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In modern era of corporate travel management, you have to be data-driven, whether you are a travel manager, a procurement professional, or a finance guru. You need to know exactly how much you spend on your travel program, where do your travellers go, what hotels they are staying in, and what are their travel booking patterns. But do you really have time to dig into this data? Very often, travel managers are wearing many hats, and just don’t have time to work with these big amounts of data. That’s where data visualization comes to enable you to see business travel analytics presented visually, so you can identify new or existing travel patterns within a couple of seconds. At this educational session, we will explain how technology simplifies day-to-day work of business travel professionals. We’ll also ask our panelists of Western-Canadian travel managers, about their biggest pain points and what tools are helping them make the most of their roles, including predictive analytics, reporting and more. This is an excellent opportunity for suppliers to hear from buyers outside of the RFP process and for travel managers to connect with their peers.

Ashley Allot, Managing Director Canada, Egencia

Jessica Nunes, Manager, Business Travel and Operations ScotiaBank
Darlene Innes, Manager, Employee & Labour Relations Advisory Services, Shaw Communications Inc.
Luc Carriere, Production Coordinator, Sulphur Experts Inc.


Lessons on Crafting a Comprehensive End-to-End Travel Program for Companies Operating Crew Movements

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A lack of communication among internal departments has long plagued travel managers working to create a truly seamless end-to-end travel program for their crew travelers. With a new technological era dawning, companies are now gaining access to technology that allows them to bring together the booking and management of commercial and charter transportation. Many companies in Oil & Gas, Mining, Engineering & Construction and Forestry, to name a few, are now exploring ways that their internal departments can work together with one another and with vendors to get the greatest value out of their travel spend.  Join us to learn how to most effectively engage your travelers, your coordinators and colleagues, your TMC’s and the various vendors in your supply chain responsible for helping you to execute and manage your company’s crew movements. We’ll discuss best practices implemented by companies to move and house their work crews and delve deeper into the discussions travel managers should be having with their air, ground transport and room accommodations providers.

Monica McKill, Air and Ground Transportation, Cenovous Energy
Colleen Fitzpatrick, Chief Commercial Officer, Innfinity
Mark Kosikowski, Manager Commercial Distribution, Air Canada
Barbara Stiver, Manager, Client Logistics, Civeo North America
Ian Race, Senior VP, Corporate Sales & Account Management, Vision Travel Solutions


Optimizing Your Travel Program for Good Times….Not just the Bad!

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Oil prices have been on an upward trajectory over the past two years, spurring a corresponding uptick in travel in the energy and resources sector. At the same time, trade tensions between the U.S. and its trading partners, including Canada, and the ongoing uncertainty over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), are causing anxiety in industries ranging from agriculture to fisheries and forestry, which could negatively impact demand.  Our education session will arm travel managers with the information and technology tools they need to maximize their travel programs whether they’re in an industry that’s experiencing growth or one that’s bracing for a slowdown. From cost and program optimization, to data consolidation and leverage, and fare optimization, the drive to keep travel costs low remains the same—in good times and bad.

Jeff Hamilton, Director, Sales & Business Development, Carlson Wagonlit Travel