Introducing the Corporate Client Bundle!

Corporate Client Bundle FAQ

What is the Corporate Client Bundle?
The Corporate Client Bundle is an all-new program created to give you the chance to save on registration and strengthen your client relationships by offering your travel buyer clients the chance to attend GBTA Western Canada Conference 2019 - Calgary as your guest.

Why should I participate in this program?
Besides the savings that you and your company are receiving, this opportunity will deliver value to your relationships with your current and prospective customers, by providing them a complimentary guest registration. Your invitees will take part in numerous professional development opportunities, while you gain valuable face-to-face time with them!

How do Corporate Client Bundles work?
Simply invite three (3) travel buyers new to attend the GBTA Western Canada Conference 2019 - Calgary, and you’ll receive a promo code for $150 OFF your registration!

  • Invited travel buyers must register and should not have attended the conference in 3 or more years.
  • Travel buyer invitees receive complimentary registration to attend GBTA Western Canada Conference 2019 - Calgary as your guest!
  • To take advantage of this offer, complete this application form.
  • Once your invited attendees are verified, we’ll share promo codes for you and your guests to receive your discounts!