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Check-in with Suzanne

We used to know the rules of the road when it came to business travel: where travelers could go, how they could get there, and the steps to needed to make it happen. But the pandemic was a great disruptor, and uncertainty now challenges the road back. 

That’s why GBTA has focused advocacy efforts on making business travel more predictable around the globe… Navigating and accelerating business travel’s recovery – and business traveler mobility, productivity, and well-being – requires it. 

Recently GBTA and our European partner organizations submitted a joint statement to the European Union and its Member States urging a coordinated approach to the European Digital COVID Certificate. This would enable people to travel freely within the EU without additional restrictions and provided the recommendation to set a common 270-day validity for certificates. A consistent approach would be a significant accelerator in the recovery of the European and global travel industry as well as to the economy as a whole. 

GBTA also joined with the travel and aviation industries on an “urgent request” that the U.S. Administration no longer require pre-departure testing for vaccinated passengers traveling to the U.S. This takes into consideration current circumstances such as increased immunity and vaccination rates and that removal of the pre-testing requirement for vaccinated travel would further incentivize vaccinations.  

Today marks two weeks and counting until the GBTA Conference – Berlin in partnership with VDR. As my first European conference as head of GBTA, I’m looking forward to being in-person with many of you and moderating the C-level industry panel discussing new ways of working, meeting, and collaborating within our industry. The timing couldn’t be better. 

When it comes to events, the GBTA Hub has a host of member-exclusive, on-demand replays available. Members can watch the just-posted “State of the Industry” opening session from the GBTA Convention 2021 featuring insights on advocacy and public health as well as Business Travel index and Pricing Forecast research findings. (Access is free for members, sign up for membership here.) 


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News to Know:

India Scraps Quarantine Requirement for Vaccinated Travelers

India has announced the removal of the need for travelers vaccinated against Covid-19 from the United States, United Kingdom and 80 other countries to quarantine on arrival, beginning Feb. 14. In other changes to its Covid-19 testing requirements, the country will accept a certificate proving full vaccination in place of a negative PCR test. Travelers must also submit a declaration on the authenticity of the vaccination status.

Mike Berners-Lee: Business travel’s difficult relationship with carbon emissions

Writer, researcher and professor Mike Berners-Lee tells BTN Europe why aviation is at ‘crunch point’ and how we must all take more responsibility for when and how we travel. He is the founder of Small World Consulting and the author of several books including How bad are bananas? The carbon footprint of everything and There is no planet B: a handbook for the make-or-break years. Lastly, he is a keynote speaker at the GBTA conference in Berlin on 28 February-2 March

Travel Industry Hopes For Good News On Border Measures This Week

The Canadian travel industry saw a ray of hope last week when Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos hinted that changes will soon be coming to the country’s strict border and travel restrictions. “In short order we should be able to announce updates to border measures, next week,” said Minister Duclos. While many other countries are dropping travel restrictions, the Canadian government still warns against non-essential travel, and requires travelers to provide a negative PCR test before returning to the country.

Brazil Joins Global Entry Program

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has added Brazil to the Global Entry program, giving Brazilian citizens traveling for leisure and “certain business purposes” access to expedited processing upon arrival. Brazil is the 13th country to have full arrangements with Global Entry, joining Argentina, Colombia, Germany, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.


GBTA News and Reminders:

GBTA Italy Webinar

Join us on February 22nd for a deep dive into Simplification, Complexity Management and Evolution of Payment Systems.

GBTA Conference 2021 – Berlin in Partnership with VDR

We are returning to Berlin, our venue for the conference will be the Estrel Berlin, join us February 28th – March 2nd for GBTA Conference 2021 – Berlin in Partnership with VDR, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with attendees representing regional and global companies, to hear from industry-leading speakers and to help define the future of business travel.

Fundamentals of Business Travel Management

Join us February 11th ,  18th, 25th and March 4th at 10 A.M. ET , each day for a comprehensive guide to the key areas of managed travel. GBTA’s Fundamentals curriculum includes a full range of topics including safety, policy, trends, performance, and more. Participants in this course gain a better understanding of business travel management and make themselves indispensable to the business travel needs of their organization.