Creating a Frictionless Travel Experience – Part 2

Last week on the blog, I wrote about how managed travel programs and organizations as a whole can work to improve the business travel experience for their travelers. While common sense says this is an important thing to do, our stats also back it up. Check out this earlier post on why the business travel experience is so important. Hint: It has to do with employee retention, recruitment and results.

In a recently released study, the GBTA Foundation, in partnership with Sabre Corporation, identified the information travelers want to avoid stress on the road as well as what technological amenities will enhance the traveler experience.

Communication plays an important role in the overall traveler experience. When asked what travel information is most useful for reducing stress, safety, transportation and information about the destination topped the list for many. There was a bit of variation by region though:

Understanding how to best deliver and make these types of information available to travelers is key. Travel managers discussed different channels used to communicate with their travelers. Most make travel information available on the company intranet, others hold quarterly webinars or send newsletters/emails, while others don’t communicates on a proactive basis, but instead wait for travelers to contact them with questions.

Technology also makes an important contribution to business traveler satisfaction. Technology enables the travel process to be a more efficient one. From the ability to book through an online booking tool, to staying connected with the office via email, to enhancing the travel experience with a mobile app and submitting electronic expense reports instead of paper ones – technology has become fundamental to the work travel managers do.

Business travelers around the world indicated a variety of different technological amenities. Mobile payment and mobile expense reporting along with itinerary management apps and safety tracking apps were near the top of the list for most business travelers. This one also varied from region to region:

It comes as no surprise that business travelers identify so many tech areas that can enhance their travel experience. We now live in a mobile age where travelers expect to access information on the go as well as be able to perform tasks they couldn’t do through a mobile device years ago. Implementing the right technology will support and enhance the activities travelers have to do to prepare for and conduct their travel.

How can travel mangers know if their travelers are satisfied with their business travel experience? Measure it! Measure more than just satisfaction with suppliers. You should also ask about their overall travel experience as well. Identifying opportunities and addressing challenges can only strengthen the travel program in the long run and help business travelers achieve their business goals.

For more from the report, GBTA members can download Creating a Frictionless Travel Experience for free on the GBTA Hub.

Webinars: The GBTA Foundation and Sabre will also host four regional webinars on this research. The webinars will focus on how the travel experience impacts overall job satisfaction of employees; understanding what key areas have the most impact on overall satisfaction with business travel; and identifying technology and travel policies that help drive and enhance traveler well-being.

Register today:
Europe – Monday, November 6 at 9am ET
Asia Pacific – Wednesday, November 15 at 6am ET
Latin America – Wednesday, November 15 at 9am ET (presented in Spanish)
The Americas – Wednesday, November 15 at 2pm ET

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