DHS Responds to Bombing of Russian Jet

Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced it would be stepping up security measures in light of the recent crash of a Russian airplane over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, which officials from some countries have linked to terrorism as the crash remains under investigation.

Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson and new TSA chief Peter Neffenger said “interim, precautionary” steps are being taken on commercial flights coming to the United States from “certain foreign airports in the region.”

That includes additional screening, airport assessments and “additional measures, both seen and unseen.”

It is likely you will not see any changes at U.S. airports and may not at most international airports as the changes will be targeted. But still, be prepared as you may experience longer security lines and a more thorough examining of your belongings. In the past, some check points have asked travelers to power up electronic equipment. As a precautionary measure, have your electronic equipment fully powered or bring a charger along with you.

Click here to read the Secretary’s full statement.

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