Education Opportunities In The Thousands

Education. Training. Professional Development. Upskilling. Learning. No matter what you call it, it matters and especially in these changing times. It not only benefits our professional journey and careers but also our personal growth.

Education programming has always been a cornerstone of GBTA’s mission and value, delivering leading programs by and for members and the industry–whether in-person, livestreaming or on-demand. Currently the GBTA educational catalog boasts thousands (yes, you read that right) of courses, webinars, certifications, trainings and more.

In the latest episode of “The Business of Travel,” the official podcast of GBTA, Jill Koronkiewicz, GBTA’s Senior Director of Education and Engagement takes a break from getting ready for the 50 education programs at the GBTA Convention and sits down with Debbie Iannaci, GBTA’s head of Communications to talk about the value of ongoing education and what GBTA brings to the table for its members.

Koronkiewicz explains how education courses are determined, which are currently the most popular, what’s been added to address the pandemic, and how and when you can pitch your idea for a 2022 education session.

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