El ébola aún no afecta los viajes de negocios, según una encuesta de la Fundación GBTA

Update (February 10, 2015):  In the aftermath of the Ebola outbreaks in West Africa, the World Health Organization plans to implement reforms to “improve its ability to respond more quickly to the next outbreak of a lethal infectious disease,” Los New York Times informes.


Ebola has been top of mind in the news lately, but it seems to be ‘business as usual’ for most US businesses. The Fundación GBTA polled travel managers earlier this week to better understand how Ebola was affecting business travel.

Por poco 80 percent of the 421 managers who responded said international business travel has either not been impacted at all or has not been impacted much during the past month. Likewise, more than 90 percent of managers said that domestic business travel has either not been impacted at all or has not been impacted much during the past month.

Although business travel behavior has remained largely unchanged, caution appears to be the name of the game. More than three-quarters of travel managers said they either have or plan to provide their road warriors with tips on staying safe.

It is also imperative that the government and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide accurate and timely information to the public.

GBTA will continue to be vigilant and monitor Ebola for our members. In additional to following the fluid situation, we will be holding a webinar for our members, Radar de riesgo: gestión de las implicaciones médicas y de seguridad de la epidemia de ébola: ¿cómo protegerá a sus viajeros?, el próximo miércoles 22 de octubre a las 12 h ET. El seminario web es la primera entrega de una serie de seminarios web especiales de Radar de riesgos presentados por el Comité de riesgos de GBTA, y examinará el brote de ébola desde una perspectiva médica y de seguridad para ayudar a los participantes a desarrollar una comprensión integral de sus implicaciones para los viajeros.

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