TRIP Travel Receipt Info Perks

We are delighted to announce that Taxback International’s new mobile app is now available to your company.

TRIP•Travel-Receipt-Info-Perksapp is a travel companion app aimed at employees for large enterprises. The app educates and rewards employees for submitting compliant travel receipts.  

Using a simple interface, employees are informed as to why their receipts aren’t compliant, rewarding them for having compliant receipts as well as giving them the opportunity to correct and reupload corrected receipts.


The median VAT compliance rate is 65% across enterprise clients today with an average monthly VAT reclaim opportunity of €266,000 per month. 

To increase your VAT reclaim potential, the app reminds and educates travellers to obtain VATcompliant receipts at the start of their travel plans. By increasing the number of VAT-compliant invoices for travel by just 5%, this will result in an increase of up to €160,000 additional VAT reclaim annually.

How Do I Get the App Enabled for My Team?

Employee Compliance Mobile app can be deployed in seconds by our implementation team. You just chose which entity groups for your employees need to be enabled and we’ll do the rest.  

Contact a member of our sales team today for further information on how to get this enabled –  

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