GLP Designation 

The Global Leadership Professional® designation (GLP) was created to acknowledge business travel professionals who had completed the GLP Program, received their Certificate of Professional Development, and then applied that knowledge to help further the industry through a related group project. Participants completing the 12-month designation program will be honored at GBTA's Annual Convention and then be able to carry the GLP Designation following their names.


The Global Leadership Professional® designation consists of several components, beginning with a 2-day on-site session with Wharton Professors.  During this session, work groups will be formed and industry related projects will be assigned.  Over the next 9 months participants will receive additional instruction from the professors via three web-based virtual classrooms, as well as working independently and within their groups via email and conference calls.  There will be a final 1-day on-site session during which the participants will finalize their projects and presentations for delivery to their industry peers at the GBTA Convention.


This program provides corporate travel professionals an opportunity to utilize the various skills, knowledge and expertise they have gained during the GLP program, put it to practical use and then in turn share that knowledge with their peers in an effort to help better the travel industry.


To apply for the 2013-2014 GLP Designation program, applicants must first complete the GLP program and receive their Certificate of Professional Development.


The GLP Designation was awarded during the
GBTA  Convention in July 2012 in Boston  to the following:

Dianne  Bradley - Tokyo Electron
Tanya  Brown - BCD Travel
Peter  Browne - ThinkLimo.com
Lynn C. Brunner - HCA Healthcare
Jeannie  Eisenhart - Crowley Maritime
Angela  Francisco - Constellation Brands LLC
Jaimie  Johnson - Travelocity Business
Jens  Liltorp - Novo Nordisk
Jeanne  Norton - American Express Global Business Travel
Julie  Polinsky - RBC Wealth Management
Patricia  Sage - Huron Consultin Group
Anna  Samogray - Delta Air Lines

Jami  Stapelmann - Estee Lauder Companies
Mark  Stone - The Washington Post Company
Betty  Sweetman - BP
Rick  Wakida - Atmel Corporation