GBTA appelle les législateurs à s'opposer à la hausse du PFC

Alexandria, VA (April 22, 2015) – Tomorrow, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation’s subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety and Security will be hosting a hearing to examine funding airport capital needs. The statement below can be attributed to Michael W. McCormick, Executive Director and COO of the Global Business Travel Association:

“With business travelers already paying $44.20 in taxes and fees on top of their airfare, it’s time for the airports to stop looking to business travelers to fill their already deep coffers. The Global Business Travel Association calls on the Aviation Operations, Safety and Security subcommittee to oppose raising the Passenger Facility Charge from $4.50 to $8, which, when combined with other proposed tax and fee increases, would raise the amount paid for each ticket to nearly $60.

Road warriors are helping to strengthen and drive our economy – in 2015 alone business travelers are expected to spend a record $295.7 billion. It’s clear: travel should be promoted, rather than taxed ad nauseam. Our members have also weighed in – during a survey last year and two-thirds said they opposed a PFC increase.

What’s more, airports don’t need the funding. Since 2008, more than $70 billion in capital improvement projects have been completed, are underway or have been approved at airports across the country. Airports also have more than $11 billion in unrestricted cash and investments, while bringing in more revenue every year (a record-high $24.5 billion in 2013) to help prepare them for tomorrow’s passengers.”

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