La conférence GBTA Mexico 2015 établit un record de participation

Conference Features Successful Roll out of Advanced Principles of Business Travel Management Pilot Session

Mexico City, Mexico (March 25, 2015) – The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Mexico hosted its 9th annual GBTA Mexico Conference 2015 from March 18 – 20 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City. A record number of more than 390 business travel professionals attended the event from Mexico, the United States and Latin America.

Attendees were given the opportunity to participate in educational sessions and an expanded trade show floor to grow their industry knowledge and contacts, and to spark innovative ideas about corporate travel management in the face of global economic crises.

“During the last few years, business travel in our country has shown considerable growth; no doubt this has been a great benefit for all those individuals and companies that comprise our industry,” said Isabel Gomez, president of GBTA Mexico. “This conference is very special for us; it is a milestone in the consolidation of the Global Business Travel Association and its leadership in Latin America. The measure in which we grow professionally will help us to meet the challenges on the horizon in our expanding economy.”

This year’s Conference featured a presentation from GBTA Past President and Chairman Kevin Maguire, who emphasized the importance of Latin America for GBTA and its continued growth as a major region for continuing business travel education. Education was highlighted as 180 attendees took part in the successful roll out of the pilot program for The Principles of Business Travel Management course. The two-day workshop led by subject-matter experts featuring high-level discussion on a wide-range of industry best practices will debut at GBTA’s 2015 convention in Orlando, Florida, July 25 – 29.

Conference attendees also had the opportunity to hear from leading industry speakers including:

Josh Campbell, Cornerstone Information Systems, presenting a newly developed Advanced Principles of Business Travel Management pilot education session relating to Data Analytics
Adam Waltuch, from Google USA, where he is responsible for Business Development for Work for Latin America, spoke of Innovation in the tourism industry
Alejandro Watson of Watson and Asociados presented strategic steps of efficient planning and event organization
Monica Sanchez, GBTA Education Foundation Project Director, Research, detailed the latest GBTA research, including the Business Travel Index (BTI) for México and the LATAM region
Elizabeth Champagne, Sales Manager, Sabre for the Americas, presented Realities of Booking Outside of Latin America travel programs
Sarah Kennedy, Vice President of Marketing for Sabre Hospitality Solutions, described implications of the Millennial Myth on corporate travel practices

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