Protéger les employés face aux risques émergents liés aux voyages

When you think of emerging travel risks, pandemic health issues like Zika, terrorist attacks and geopolitical turmoil are certainly at the forefront, but more frequent risks impacting traveler safety must also be considered. What if an employee inadvertently accesses sensitive data on a public network or loses their device on a trip? Does your company have policies in place for bleisure travel, mobile app usage, or risky behaviors like binge drinking?


On Call International Chief Security Officer Jim Hutton recently discussed these issues and shared solutions for mitigating risk in a GBTA-hosted webinar entitled Protéger les employés face aux risques émergents liés aux voyages. During this time, he stressed the importance of proper training, landscape assessment and timely communication to protect both employees and company reputations.


As Hutton puts it, today’s world is VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Staying on top of current trends to ensure employees are safe in an ever-changing world is critical. Travel professionals must consider their duty of care obligations and adapt travel policies accordingly to address issues that affect business travelers on a frequent basis.


For more on the topic of emerging risks, view the webinar in full via le Hub. Ces sessions arrivent à grands pas :

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