GBTA: A Resource in Times of Uncertainty

During Convention last month, GBTA EMEA Regional Vice President Catherine McGavock joined us at the GBTA Studio to talk about GBTA’s role, especially in times of uncertainty. She highlighted the extensive partner network GBTA has with key national associations throughout the region, providing a unique level of access to the local business travel markets and a deep understanding of the issues impacting the industry.

The Brexit vote this June added to an already uncertain global economy. Many companies look to tighten their purse strings in this type of environment. Catherine noted that it is times like these, however, that it is more important than ever for companies to put travelers on the road and actively pursue new business opportunities. GBTA can be a resource to help companies understand how to manage spend and control their programs effectively.

Hear more from Catherine and learn about the upcoming Europe Conference in partnership with VDR in Frankfurt this November.

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