GBTA Calls for UK Government to Rethink COVID-19 “Test and Release” System for Travel

Speaking to the aviation industry Airlines 2050 summit on Monday, Grant Shapps, UK Transport Secretary discussed the concept of a new “test and release system” to cut quarantine period for international arrivals to the UK. The system under review by the recently launched UK Travel Task Force would require a single coronavirus test to be taken 5-7 days after arrival and paid for privately.


While a step in the right direction, GBTA firmly believes that the proposed 5-7 day quarantine would not be enough to restart business travel. GBTA is collaborating with other industry bodies and travel suppliers to urge the government and the UK Travel Task Force to unite around a common position to enable effective pre-travel testing as the alternative to quarantine.


According to a recent GBTA poll, 63% of European members cite government travel restrictions and policies, such as entry restrictions or mandatory quarantine as the greatest barrier to travel.


“There is widespread agreement in the aviation and travel industries that appropriate COVID-19 pre-departure testing protocols can serve as an alternative to quarantines while increasing confidence in the health and safety of the air transportation system,” commented Catherine Logan, Regional VP, EMEA GBTA.


Adding “Continued border restrictions and quarantine measures are not the answer to combating the devastating effects of COVID-19 is having on our industry and the economy as a whole. GBTA is lobbying on behalf of our members to get a safe and feasible solution to return to business travel”.


As well as actively lobbying Governments at a regional, national and global level, GBTA has been continuing to update and educate the business travel sector through their Collaboratory series; a 12-week webinar series designed to provide perspectives, best practices, expert insight, and actionable takeaways on all aspects of business travel. This week focuses on “Mobility and Transportation” and features interviews with TSA, IATA and travel managers to gain insights into their vision for the future of business travel.