GBTA Ladders Cultivates Careers

GBTA Ladders is a different kind of mentor program designed to bring together the best and the brightest in the travel industry to allow them to grow and cultivate their careers.

Hear from Ladders participants Hank Benedetti of American Airlines and Will Pinnell of BCD Travel about what the program means to them, what topics are covered and how it helps spread knowledge across all verticals of the travel industry.

YouTube video

GBTA Ladders places members into carefully crafted teams from a cross-section of the industry led by a highly-esteemed member of the corporate travel community who serves as the team mentor. The teams are then given an assignment of building a compelling presentation around a current industry topic.

The newest round of GBTA Ladders is set to begin in September and those accepted into the program are being notified at the end of the month. This session’s topic will focus on the evolution of travel management and there will be several new additions to the program including adding peer mentors to each team. Stay tuned to the GBTA Blog for more information.